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Sub Inspector is the in charge of the police station and responsible person for the police administration of his charge. The image of the police department basically reflects on the behavior of Sub Inspector and his subordinates. He shall take the measures for prevention of crime and preservation of peace for speedy investigation and prosecution of cases. The duties of station Officer (SI) are set out of Indian and state police acts.

 The SI/SHO is Responsible for the Law and Order in his Jurisdiction.

 Supervision and Personal leadership of all his subordinates of their welfare and Discipline.

 Organizing Beats and Patrols in his Jurisdiction.

 Maintain of Good public relations in his Station Limits.

 Visiting and spending adequate time in villages and localities.

 Maintain a effective surveillance on Anti-Social Elements and Bad characters and keep inform to senior officials.

 Collection of information of all important matters relevant to police duties and functions and inform to superior officers.