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Hostel Wardens are managers to administer hostels and messes especially in colleges and universities. Wardens are designated with responsibilities of formulating and implementing policies and rules & regulations to be followed by inmates in the hostels according to the general policy of the institution. Wardens decide daily menu and often work as food quality and hygiene specialists. In Universities and bigger organizations hostel warden is part of hostel administration hierarchy, which include the head of the institution, senior warden and warden who is helped mess supervisor and caretakers.

 Taking care of students in their allotted blocks.

 Mediating between student disputes about noise, unacceptable behavior etc., to the company, thus ensuring good order and behavior is maintained in the Hostel. Available for “on call - duty” whenever required, which provides emergency cover in the evenings and weekends Assisting the Wardens and site staff with the admission of new students.

 Establishing and maintaining appropriate social contact with students.

 Providing relevant information about the students whenever it is required.

 Offering appropriate first aid support when needed.

 Taking part in implementation fire drills, crime prevention and health & safety awareness initiatives responding to on-site emergencies during out of hours (burst pipes, broken windows, burglaries, locked out of rooms etc.) Liaison with Welfare Service and Accommodation Office over student issues or concerns

 Maintaining accurate records and writing reports to help to identify trends that may require action.

 Ability to listen to and establish a rapport with students

 Ability to manage time effectively

 Negotiation/facilitation skills.

Key Responsibilities:

 To coordinate with the management for framing policies, rules and regulations.

 Creation of all facilities in the hostel

 To supervise for the smooth running of the hostels, messes and other facilities within the hostel.

 To plan for up gradation and maintenance of Facilities in the hostels.

 To ensure security of the students by coordinating with the security officer and staff

 To perform any other responsibility assigned by the management